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Our Vision

GONEO believes that the end user experience is the key cornerstone of our product strength. User-centric studies continue to be our top priority in our design and development as they serve to guide our extensive research efforts over the years. It has enabled GONEO to develop an in-depth understanding of home power usage needs in this ever-changing era. As such, all departments, including R&D, Production, Quality Control, and Sales, collaborate closely to deliver the most reliable and user-friendly products to our customers.

Automated Production Lines

Power Strip 
Manufacturing Plant

In order to meet the high volume of demand, we are working hard towards product automation to ensure product efficiency and quality. Do you know that GONEO sold over 300 million units of power strips,  


To enhance both efficiency and precision, we've integrated logistic robots in our day-to-day product administration and management.

Certifications and Awards


Go Green

GONEO  has made substantial investments in keeping our manufacturing plants environmental friendly. To date, we have installed solar panels covering an area of 82,352 square meters. An additional 74,000 square meters of solar panels are scheduled to be installed by the end of this year. This combined area is equivalent to approximately 22 standard soccer fields!

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