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goneoESS system


Our modular designed home ESS system, enables all kinds of home power needs. It is easy to install, and highly customizable. You can monitor your home power usage with our smart phone APP.

Our System

As energy bill continue to hike up the hill, the investment of a home solar panel and energy storage system has grown increasingly important. Our ESS system is equipped with 3 different modes, which enables maximum solar power and peak valley power difference utilization. The all in one home power solution minimizes your reliance on the public grid.



Chips used in automobile manufacture for hydrogen content detection

89 Wh/Kg

Output Density

115 kg

Installation time< 2h

< 10MS

Changeover Time

Uninterrupted power supply always ready in case of a power blackout

> 30MWh


10-year life

Ensures uninterrupted power service at all time.

Our Prize & Certifications

Solar Panels Technicians


Handyman on the Phone

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