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GONEO in Frankfurt

Updated: Apr 23

GONEO organized a training workshop for local installers, showcasing newest integrated residential energy storage system.

On July 28th, GONEO held a training workshop for local installers in Frankfurt, aiming to introduce its newly launched integrated home energy storage system.

Unlike traditional systems, this integrated system cleverly addresses installation challenges and allows for the addition of battery modules to meet diverse user needs. The key advantage of GONEO's integrated home energy storage system lies in its ease of installation, requiring no extra tools, while its modular design facilitates convenient handling and setup. This not only significantly reduces customer wait times but also saves installation time for electricians.

During the training workshop, GONEO's certified electrician, Norman, provided detailed training to surrounding installers with his rigorous professional knowledge. Many present installers expressed strong intentions to recommend this solution to users in the Frankfurt area. The event not only enhanced installers' understanding of the product but also established a positive reputation and credibility for GONEO within the local community.

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