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German Power Track

German Power Track


500m Power track comes with 4 adaptors, 750mm Power track comes with 5 adaptors.Our Power Track Socket is perfect for your family daily use. We offer different track length to meet different needs. The product is designed by our top-notch engineer team and has gone through various lab tests and passed Intertek and CE certification. Safety is always our priority. 


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  • Features & Shipping

    • Power Track comes in 500mm and 750mm length in German and French style.
    • Easy Installation: The height of the GONEO Power Track is 86mm, which easily covers your original wall sockets. Installation of the track is highly customizable, and the rail's ample interior space provides plenty of room for wiring and adjustments. Please seek help from professional electrician for product installation.  Installation video: English, German, French
    • Adjustable Loading Area: The adapters can be easily moved to adjust distance between each outlets to fit different plug sizes.

    • Installation video: English, German, French
    • Shipping time is estimated to be 4days from the date of order.
  • Product Spec.

    Manufacturer ‎GONEO
    Brand ‎GONEO
    Model GN-GB4G
    Product Size 500 * 22 * 86mm         |        750 * 22 * 86mm
    Package Size 555 * 135 * 115mm      |     805 * 135 * 115mm
    Product Weight 800g     |     950g
    Executive standards IEC



  • Technical Spec.

    Rated Voltage 220V-250V~

    Rated impulse

    withstand voltage


    Rated conditional 

    short-circuit current (Icc) of a circuit

    ICC of PT system=1,5kA (Test with SCPD: MCB C32 250V/4,5kA for reference)


    ICC of Tap-off unit=1,5kA (Test with SCPD: MCB C32 250V/4,5kA for reference)

    Rated insulation voltage ‎500V~
    Degrees of Protection (IP degree) IP20
    Resistance to Impact 2J 
    Rated Frequency 50Hz


    Max. Power Load

    Wire Gauge 2.5mm² Wire 6.0mm² Wire
    Rated Current 16A 32A
    Max. Power Load of 
    Power Track
    3680W  7360W


  • Material and Safety

    • Aluminium Casing offers maximum protection than plastic cases;
    • We use K-6 brass for our ground line, which is 13% more flexible than common brass on the market;
    • T-2 Copper is a premium metal material that has 70% more conductivity than regular copper. Besides,
    • GONEO Power Track is made of high-quality flame retardant material, which can withstand temperature up to 960 degrees Celsius.
    • Meanwhile, the narrow 4.5mm track opening and hidden live and neutral line design ensures your child's safety.

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